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The Evil Goods | California Skate Deck

11 April 2011, 17.09 | Posted in decks, Skateboarding | 8 comments »

evilgoods11 The Evil Goods | California Skate Deck
No matter where you are from you’ve got to admit that this California deck from The Evil Goods is pretty fresh. Shit, it doesn’t even look that hard to skate. Available only at UNIV and 5&aDime. Check out some more images and a video after the jump. UPDATE: There is some controversy brewing over whether this is a bite of a Michael Leon piece, go here to see “Blue State” and hit our Facebook to discuss.

evilgoods1 The Evil Goods | California Skate Deck

evilgooods20 The Evil Goods | California Skate Deck

evilgoods24 The Evil Goods | California Skate Deck

evilgoods10 The Evil Goods | California Skate Deck

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  1. Michael Leon much?

  2. Balls:

    nice Michael Leon ripoff

  3. Boze:
  4. zack:

    this dude, his brand and his products are a total rip off.

  5. S:

    Baaaaaahahahah. Finally. After working with and for this dude for a while I’m glad to see this coming to light. Hopefully he gets booted from his job at C1RCA with enough time for them to recover and stay afloat.

  6. ders.:

    Yeah No.

    it was a good print but would never actually skate it. especially now its a stolen concept, i guess that’s what makes them evil goods…… stay lame homie.

  7. Josh:

    What a ripoff, and this site sucks for even putting it up.

  8. home product deals…

    [...]The Evil Goods | California Skate Deck |[...]…

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