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Radcollector Giveaway | LRG 4/20 High Times Ahead Capsule Collection

20 April 2011, 15.49 | Posted in apparel, boardshorts, giveaways | 25 comments »

In recognition of the greenest day of the year, we’ve gotten together with our homies at LRG for a giveaway of their limited edition 4/20 High Times Ahead Capsule Collection. Three lucky stoners, err we mean winners, will get blessed with the “AKA Trees Board Short” and the “Ded Nugget” and “Container Collection” tees. Hit us up on Facebook for how to win. More looks at the collection after the jump.

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  1. Kate:

    Pictures look sharp. <3 LRG

  2. Titto vasquez:

    Favorite brand Right here. Hustle trees!!

  3. illness

  4. Amrit "All Day" Dhaniram:

    Smoke weed ALL DAY hence my nickname All Day ahah. How do I get into try to win I represent the brand as hard as I can but times is rough and gotta get that hustle up.

  5. Adrian Ceja:

    DONT Do Drugs, Smoke Weed ? Genius !
    Representin’ LRG From Riverside, Cali. !

  6. Ollie Stannard:

    Please let me win

  7. Jonathan Wylie:

    I really wanted to win but you know the saying real stoners are never on time !

  8. Bryant Slack.:


  9. jesse fine:

    keep earning

  10. Everett Miller:

    soooo dope.

  11. Josh Woods:

    Damn this collection is so tight. I’ve been lovin and rockin the LRG for almost 10 years. I definitely need this in my wardrobe. I live in So. Oregon so I’m in the middle of the medical movement. Pick me I’ll rock to the fullest!!!!

  12. James Cordella:

    My 3 favorite things to do have to be skateboarding, smoking weed and getting bitches. As long as there’s a board, some bud and some bitches, i’m happy. Baker/Deathwish for life. LRG for life. Marijuana, for life.

  13. Connor Cook:

    Reppin LRG out in boulder, the only brand ill ever wear again.
    LRG 4 life

  14. Nick Johnsen:

    Those boardshorts are super fresh! The ideas on the T’s are genius!! Representing Portland oregon! Hope you guys pick me?? Who knows! Will have to wait and see until then i will just be col chillin with a cold drink and a joint lit.

  15. Tim blunt!:

    Lrg’d up all day yoo!

  16. Hector Garcia:

    Proper 420 attire all day…

  17. Hook it up. how do i sign up….?? or where can i buy it..I just want that ish!!!tight!!1

  18. Colin J:

    Yoooooo ! There are only 3 things in this world that make me happy . . .

    LRG clothing
    & Smokin Bud
    I will rep this to the fullest ! ! !

  19. Dj AWkWoRd:

    This ish is Dope!PUN intended…

  20. Jake Setliff:

    yo this gear is so fat ha, if there is another contest how do i enter i rep hard

  21. coiso:

    are this shirts avable to buy?

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