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Daily News

DC Boost

27 May 2011, 12.48 | Posted in Sneakers | 7 comments »

303186 Boost ATH FRT1 DC Boost
For Fall 2011 DC continues to roll out their Unilite technology, this time in the Boost, a slim, ultra light runner with minimal branding that is one of our favorite DC’s to date. More looks after the jump. Look for the Boost to hit stores late summer.

303186 Boost ATH RGT1 DC Boost

303186 Boost ATH DTL2 1 DC Boost

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  1. bummed:

    A weak attempt at the Nike Lunar… I would have hoped for more from DC

  2. murp:

    reminds me of when they used to make tech shoes

  3. Archive > DC Boost
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