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Girl Skateboards | ‘Unbeleafable’ 3D Premiere Recap

14 June 2011, 23.54 | Posted in films, premieres, Skateboarding | No comments »

On Sunday night, Girl held the world premiere for their much anticipated 3D movie Unbeleafable by Ty Evans. The film unspooled as part of the Levi’s Film Workshop at MOCA and the skate stars were in full force at the Downtown Independent Theater in LA. Radcollector correspondent and photographer Catherine Nieves was on hand for the festivities which included a Girl retrospective and presentation by Evans and the Girl crew. Read her recap and check out her photos after the jump.

Last night, GIRL Skateboards, in partnership with Levi’s Film Workshop and MOCA premiered Unbeleafable, a 3D Skate film unlike any that has ever been created before… but before I jump into the juicy details of what made Ty Evans’ 3D movie so sick, I’ll share my thoughts on the retrospective of GIRLS’s movies from the past decade that were shown in 2D prior to the world premiere of Unbeleafable.

The packed audience was shown clips of rarities and intros from the early day archive including the likes of Goldfish, Las Nueve Vidas De Paco, and Mouse to the more recent bangers, Yeah Right! and Fully Flared. The balance of original narrative and cinematography utilized in these films are why they made their mark in the history and progression of skating and filmmaking. The movies of the retrospective pay homage to the skateboard itself, like it’s a living entity. And most importantly, they all reflect why people skate in the first place… it’s fun. They’ve never lost that key ingredient – from Goldfish to now. That is exactly why Levi’s wanted to collaborate with Ty for a 3D project, and ultimately produced Unbeleafable.

Beginning on film, then being the first company to use hi-def cameras for their movies, and now using RED One M-X cameras on an Element Technica Quasar 3D Rig and Phantom 65-Z3D cameras, GIRL Skateboards has stepped up the level of what’s possible with skateboard cinematography once again. The inspiration for Unbeleafable came from Ty’s friend Scott who had taken a photograph of a kid doing a backside tailside with colorful leaves exploding all around him… so when thinking about a treatment, that photo gave him the big idea, and with his friend’s blessing he went forward with the concept. The result is a fantasy like world with skate elements borne of the forest, with the 3D factor really placing you in the action and energy of the shoot in an incredible way. The night wrapped with a sick celebratory party on the rooftop of the Downtown Independent Theater.

For this project, there was a huge time and budget crunch from the get go, so everyone one who assisted on the project from top to bottom pulled together in everyway possible to make this film a reality. From Ty himself driving to big bear to chop down trees for the set, or M83 pulling a solid and preparing a track within 5 days for the final edit, everyone hustled hard. On the skater’s side, it was incredibly difficult to skate as the intense heat from the lights you’d need for 3D filming would usually blind them going into and out of a trick… it definitely came across that it was a high stress project handled with grace all around. The results? Unbeleafable. You’ll be able to see for yourself soon as this video will be uploaded to YouTube in both anaglyph mode and full color stereo 3D (with 3D TV or monitor connected) and will be included on a forthcoming GIRL Skateboards BluRay/DVD. The Levi’s® Film Workshop, a community-based venue offering filmmaking resources, is open to the public until August 8th at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA), so go check that out too.

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