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Nike SB x Entourage | Lights Out Dunk

15 June 2011, 23.28 | Posted in collabs, Skateboarding, Sneakers, tv | 1 comment »

7a06fc9dc7f281e65201ecaec56caf75 540x405 Nike SB x Entourage | Lights Out Dunk
While these are a bit too promotional for our taste, we grew to like Entourage after a while and the overall look of the shoe is dope so we’re not mad at the Nike SB x Entourage “Lights Out” Dunk that was created to mark the end of the show. The trick is now gonna be for any of those guys to get a role that isn’t exactly the same as their Entourage character. More looks after the jump. Via

fc154f887d3e4883e2769e36e2e1d875 540x405 Nike SB x Entourage | Lights Out Dunk

88549d6fa305db143aa07bad49632fd8 540x405 Nike SB x Entourage | Lights Out Dunk

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1 comment
  1. Nigger Lover:

    Seriously these all black joints, I wanna get my hands all over them, if you knawhatimean

    -NGR LVR

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