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COMUNE Killed by Hostile Takeover

17 June 2011, 16.27 | Posted in apparel, business, WTF | 5 comments »

In some major bummer news, we’ve learned that there’s been a full departure of staff at COMUNE following a takeover of the brand by an investor. We don’t know the entire story yet but from the sounds of it a corporate business model has once again killed a creative entity. Sucks, because we really liked the brand. Read the list of departing staff after the jump.

Frank Delgadillo (Founder and President)
Mike Quinones (Creative Director)
Mark Logan (Brand Manager)
Julie Shumaker (VP of Marketing)
Matt Davis (VP of Sales)
Clifford Lidell (Graphic Designer)
Kerri Banach (Designer)
Billy Garner (Marketing Coordinator)
Sean Ciminesi (West Coast sales)
Cory Heenan (East Coast sales)

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