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Habitat | Guru Khalsa in Peru

24 June 2011, 14.35 | Posted in Pro Models, Skateboarding, Sneakers | 1 comment »

We had the news of Habitat’s first ever pro shoe model with Guru Khalsa last month, now the Guru High, Low, and Exo have hit stores. To accompany the release, Habitat is dropping video of Guru’s skate mission to Macchu Picchu. That’s him shredding Lima, Peru above, peep some additional colorways of the kicks after the jump.

guru high vulc Habitat | Guru Khalsa in Peru

Habitat Guru Exo Habitat | Guru Khalsa in Peru

Habitat Guru Vulc low Habitat | Guru Khalsa in Peru

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1 comment
  1. Fly to Eastern Thailand and experience crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. Stay a day, or stay a year. Fantastic food and friendly people….

    [...]Habitat | Guru Khalsa in Peru |[...]…

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