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RAW for Matix Capital Collection

28 November 2011, 15.52 | Posted in apparel, collabs, Skateboarding | No comments »

Of course the product offering from the RAW for Matix Capital Collection is rad, that goes without saying. What’s even radder is the thought provoking and truth wrought essay written by Steve Costello and Kevin Susienka to accompany the release. It begins in part:

Americans today are a bunch of babies. They bitch about everything and offer no solutions to the problems they are so quick to point out. Our ancestors, as we know it, did not have this mentality toward being an American. They were willing and able to do their jobs, provide for the members of their families and volunteer their lives for their country. They respected the freedom that they were granted by our forefathers’ hard work. They did not have excuses and they weren’t willing to accept mediocrity. They did it themselves no matter what the cost, and they stuck to their guns.

Read the complete piece here.

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