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Snyder x Gringo ‘Dunce Doodle’ Surfboard

30 December 2011, 13.51 | Posted in artist collaboration, surfboards, surfing | 1 comment »

Gringo Surfboards enlisted artist Bryan Snyder for this ill “Dunce Doodle” surfboard, Snyder’s first custom design on a unfinished board. Check out the specs after the jump.

Epoxy Mini Egg
6’10″ long
21″ wide
15″ tail width
16 3/4″ nose width
2 1/4″ thick

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1 comment
  1. RightOne:

    What a piece of garbage. Who would ride that board. I would drop in on the kook that paddles around on a board with little boys on it. That stencil is weak and Snyder’s “Street art” is so lame. This guy is sending around the photos of his work for press. What happened to getting up on the streets to build a name? Fame whore.

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