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Daily News

DGK | Newsflash

17 April 2012, 16.38 | Posted in news, Skateboarding, videos | 4 comments »

DGK recently made some news headlines at the campus of Missouri State University. Peep the video to see how hip hop & skateboarding can still terrorize uptight white people.

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  1. MSU Student:

    It’s got nothing to do with white people.

    It has to do with defacing property that doesn’t belong to you. If it had been a white country artist, and there had been crap spray-painted on university property, they would have reported it exactly the same way.

    Grow up.

  2. Tuition Payer:

    OMG. You are a bunch of fucking morons. Do you have a degree? Do you know how much it costs to attend college? **A LOT!!** It’s money that comes out of my pocket that has to pay for this juvenile act to be cleaned up.


  3. Dan:

    This shit is funny..

    Damn These Missouri News Reporters are RETARTED!!!

  4. weezey:

    white people dont want to see shit painted neither does anyone else. graffiti has a home and a college campus aint it .

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