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Weezy x CCS | Behind the Cover

25 April 2012, 21.33 | Posted in Skateboarding, catalogs | 3 comments »

As you probably already know, Lil Wayne is on the cover of the May CCS catalog with P-Rod, T-Puds, Theotis and Nugget. Either this is an amazing crossover between cultures or an Illuminati plot, but we’re done thinking about it. Can’t we all just skate along? Cue the haters…

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  1. I’d believe Wayne and this Trukfit biz if it didn’t look like his graphics team was working with Kid Pics iron on designs

  2. haha and I guess I’m one of the haters then

  3. 同選挙区には、共産党の太田俊男氏(59)、幸福実現党の城取良太氏(36)の2新人も立候補を表明している。

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