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Vans LXVI Mystery Box

27 June 2012, 11.53 | Posted in Skateboarding, Sneakers | 4 comments »

vans box 1 540x356 Vans LXVI Mystery Box
In one of the raddest promo moves of recent memory, Vans mailed out a bunch of “Mystery Boxes” for the launch of their new LXVI shoe with locked padlocks on them! While some have seen the shoes and code cracking is already in effect, its a concept that actually brings some excitment back to the release of a pair of sneakers. We’ll have the contents of the box soon. Hit the jump for another look.

vanslxvi 540x540 Vans LXVI Mystery Box

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  2. Pentapus:

    LXVI in roman numerals 50 + 10 +5 +1 = 66

    Why not try the code 066?

  3. Vans was established in ‘66, so that would make sense……

  4. [...] we gave you a look at the Vans “Mystery Box” and today the secret is revealed with the launch of the LXVI Collection. The products fuse [...]

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