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Lurk Hard | Pattern 5 Panels

21 August 2012, 13.54 | Posted in hats, Skateboarding | 1 comment »

floral navy lurkhard camp 540x304 Lurk Hard | Pattern 5 Panels
On the other side of the 5 panel spectrum are these new pattern-heavy caps from Lurk Hard. Featuring everything from floral to paisley to diamond it may actually be a bit hard to lurk in these but your swag will be unmistakable. Get them direct from Lurk Hard now. More looks after the jump.

paisley lurkhard hat 540x300 Lurk Hard | Pattern 5 Panels

paisley navy lurkhard 540x312 Lurk Hard | Pattern 5 Panels

lurkhard diamond camp 540x311 Lurk Hard | Pattern 5 Panels

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  1. […] see another one ever. And yet each time, a brand that we like has brought us back. Last time it was Lurk Hard, now its Coal. Their entire lineup for 2013, which drop this June, is super rad. We don’t […]

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