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Mountain Dew x NY Art Dept. | Prohibition: New York City

10 September 2012, 18.37 | Posted in soda | 3 comments »

As if New York City didn’t have enough problems, Mayor Bloomberg has caused another with his quest to outlaw soda in quantities bigger than 16 ounces. While its certainly an example of misguided politics, it has created a lane for soda marketers to have some fun. Just in time for the vote on the soda ban this Thursday, September 13, Mountain Dew and the New York Art Department have joined forces for an outdoor campaign entitled “PROHIBITION: NEW YORK CITY” and are asking people to Instagram it tagged #dewyorkcity. Check out some more of the campaign locations after the jump.

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  1. kay:

    It’s not misguided at all. Soda’s with Fructose are poisoning people. It’s alcohol without the buzz, marketed to children. We regulate alcohol so why not?

    Just because mtn dew and all the other energy drinks sponsor skateboarders doesn’t mean they’re good products.

    I invite you to watch this video to learn more:

  2. Seth:

    Kay, god forbid we as humans have the right to do what we want with our bodies. We people are stupid, we need our leaders (who apparently are not people and therefore have no faults and do nothing wrong) to tell us what to do. We need more regulation, not less! I can’t wait till the government simply provides us with rations of exactly what we are allowed to eat at each meal.

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