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Ice Cold Apparel

11 October 2012, 21.05 | Posted in apparel, Bikes | 5 comments »

shot two bitmap 540x379 Ice Cold Apparel
We get a ton of information regarding new brands every day but it seems rare that one really catches our eye, which is why we were stoked to check out new Brooklyn-based brand Ice Cold Apparel. Begun with the simple premise to provide stylish basics with visibility features after brand founder Michael Cherman was involved in multiple bike accidents, Ice Cold aims to reduce the risk of danger for urban bikers, skateboarders, runners and more. As practitioners of all three, we were sold at our first look. Using 3M Reflective technology, Ice Cold places simple luminescent polka dots on socks and t-shirts that produce a strobe effect when hit by headlights. We’re stoked to see more from this brand and won’t be surprised to see imitators creep up immediately. Check out their full offering after the jump.

ic tshirt straight 540x374 Ice Cold Apparel

ic tshirt straight back 540x360 Ice Cold Apparel

ic tshirt detail neck 540x360 Ice Cold Apparel

ic tshirt detail LB 540x349 Ice Cold Apparel

ic half calf straight 540x360 Ice Cold Apparel

ic quarter ankle straight 540x360 Ice Cold Apparel

ICECOLD5 540x405 Ice Cold Apparel

shot one bitmap 540x371 Ice Cold Apparel

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