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Ordos by Charles Lanceplaine

15 October 2012, 15.55 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | 1 comment »

Radcollector fam Charles Lanceplaine is not only one of the best skate cinematographers currently working but also a man at an unbelievable intersection of vision and opportunity. Based in Asia, Charles has already created a volume of ground breaking works with China as a back drop, now he’s taken it to another level with Ordos. The name of a glistening city surrounded by desert in Inner Mongolia, Ordos is a vision of modernity built to accomodate a population of more than a million however due scarcity of opportunities and resources, has only afew thousand residents. The result is like a real life THPS level with absolutely no one in the way. It can only be described as surreal. Enough reading, check out this incredible edit featuring Jay Meador, Gustav Nymans, Tommy Zhao, Alexander Hwang, James Capps, Elliott Zelinskas, and Brian Dolle and prepare to have your mind blown.

ORDOS 540x301 Ordos by Charles Lanceplaine

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