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Bring Back The Boardwalks

14 November 2012, 15.54 | Posted in Art, Fundraisers, Uncategorized | No comments »

bbb bianchi1 540x540 Bring Back The Boardwalks
Friends Marilyn Rondon, Dave Ortiz, Tim Strazza, Ulli Barta and Wyatt Neumann have come together to create “Bring Back The Boardwalks“, an organization dedicated to providing funds and relief to victims of the storm, specifically targeted in the Rockaway Beach and Coney Island communities. With help from Spike Jonze, Adrian Grenier, Elijah Wood; and featuring donated works from the likes of Curtis Kulig, Michael Halsbald, Tom Sachs, Milton Glaser, Futura, Jason Goldwatch, Peter Tunney, Kenzo, RoStarr, SWOON, Ricky Powell and many, many more, this art event should prove to be not only a kick ass exhibition of some of New York’s finest, but also a great fundraiser for fellow New Yorkers in need. Please join them this Saturday, November 17th, from 2pm – 9pm at Trais Gallery, 76 Wooster St, NYC.

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