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Ambition Snowskates | Safari Time Teaser

20 November 2012, 19.20 | Posted in snowskate, videos | 2 comments »

Watching this trailer for Ambition Snowskates new video “Safari Time,” begs the question – what the fuck is wrong with the snow industry where insanely rad shit like this is kept on the fringe while every major manufacturer pushes video parts of dudes strapped in hitting rails like a wakeboarder while claiming skate style? Just saying. Full length “Safari Time” drops later this month, hit the jump to see their last video “Jam Pack,” it’s just as cray. Thanks to Terje Haakonsen for the tip.

snowskate 540x299 Ambition Snowskates | Safari Time Teaser

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  1. Sean Black:

    This is a really cool idea for skateboarders, but leave snowboarding out of it. There is way too much hype these days about how snowboarding should be more like skateboarding. The truth is they are both awesome, but I love them for different reasons. They both have inspired me to do different things with each of them, but I am not about to give up my bindings in order to pursue an entirely skate approach. Snowboarding is beautiful and meaningful because of its connection with the mountains and the snow. Urban snowboarding is awesome because of the elements of danger and the exhilaration of doing something really stupid that makes you smile. Nobody is keeping this \new sport\ in the dark, and snowboarding should never be compared with wake boarding. Snowboard because you love to snowboard, and skate because you love to skate. Don’t get caught up in the hype.

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