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Arnette | Dropout and Witch Doctor

30 November 2012, 18.27 | Posted in sunglasses | 1 comment »

They say good things come in pairs right? Whether they say it or not, that’s exactly what’s up at Arnette with the introduction of two new styles, the Dropout and the Witch Doctor. Using Fuzzy tech that “encase Arnette’s crystal clear lenses inside satiny-soft frames for pure sunglass awesomeness,” and Inked tech for “top-secret liquid dispersal process to make each one unique,” these frames pull out all the stops for style and also use Arnette’s A.C.E.S. ( Arnette Creative Exchange System) that lets you mix and match the arms with other models like the Moolah and Dibs. All that is a long way to say that these are fire! Check out complete looks after the jump.

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