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TWD | The Warrior’s Dream Art Basel

06 December 2012, 13.10 | Posted in Art, exhibitions | 1 comment »

IMG 5194 540x411 TWD | The Warriors Dream Art Basel
If you are one of the many NY and LA’ers in Miami this week for the party meets culture clash that is Art Basel, we have one thing that you must see. NYC x Rio De Janeiro crew TWD is throwing a massive group show that takes their collective weight from the streets and into 3000 square feet of raw space for an unprecedented mingling of cosmic energy known as “The Warrior’s Dream.” The show features artists Pixote, Sabio, Sye 5, Cern, Fresh, Erasmo, Carlos Baptista, Brian Sensebe, Kori Girard, and Brock Fetch, along with musical performances by Trouble Andrew and Jasmine Solano and a slide show by Ricky Powell. Yeah, you might want to get there early. Get all the info after the jump.

 TWD | The Warriors Dream Art Basel

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