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SHUT x Impossible

07 December 2012, 13.44 | Posted in Art, collabs, decks, photography, Skateboarding | 1 comment »

IMG 1482 540x404 SHUT x Impossible
Last night was the opening reception for the Shut x Impossible collaboration that joined skateboarding with Polaroid photography. Zered Bassett, Scott Caan, Eli Morgan Gesner, Chris Nieratko, Alex Olson, and Scott Oster all captured unique images that were then made into a limited edition series of six skateboard graphics by Shut. Hit the jump for look at the rad exhibit. Photos by Brad Clarke.

IMG 1494 540x404 SHUT x Impossible

IMG 14921 404x540 SHUT x Impossible

IMG 1483 540x404 SHUT x Impossible

IMG 1491 540x404 SHUT x Impossible

IMG 1480 404x540 SHUT x Impossible

IMG 1484 540x404 SHUT x Impossible

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