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Supra Book

17 December 2012, 13.42 | Posted in Skateboarding, Sneakers, books | No comments »

RS65042 9 540x359 Supra Book
You have to give it to Supra. In just six years they have achieved a brand presence and status that is rarely realized over a lifetime of a brand. So why not celebrate their success with a book. Supra Book is the full compendium of everything the brand has done since inception including collabos, celeb relations, exclusive releases, and of course skateboarding. Definitely dope for a last minute holiday pick up. See an extensive preview after the jump.

RS65042 10 540x359 Supra Book

RS65042 8 540x359 Supra Book

RS65042 7 540x359 Supra Book

RS65042 6 540x359 Supra Book

RS65042 5 540x359 Supra Book

RS65042 4 540x359 Supra Book

RS65042 3 540x359 Supra Book

RS65042 2 540x359 Supra Book

RS65042 1 540x359 Supra Book

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