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dose | Luis Tolentino Goes Pro for SHUT

04 January 2013, 16.52 | Posted in Skateboarding, interviews | 2 comments »

In this weeks dose, Tim Brodhagen get the exclusive first interview with Luis Tolentino since turning pro for SHUT over the holiday. The ollie guru has been at it for more than a minute and couldn’t deserve the status more. Check out what he had to say about the waiting game, his new pro model decks, and his plans for 2013. Wepa!

LUIS 540x288 dose | Luis Tolentino Goes Pro for SHUT

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  1. [...] the rest of dose | Luis Tolentino Goes Pro for SHUT (0 [...]

  2. Casper:

    Its about Time!!!!…. Damn.. Peep the man in a new Indy flick, “Pablo goes skateboarding” tLuis T has unlimited talent and the story is perhaps something people can relate to. Like Lavar says ” but don’t take my word for it”. Yo, is that board made of elvish maple? Luis got crazy POP! Take that to the banks!

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