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9FIVE | Perf Modelo

09 January 2013, 16.29 | Posted in special editions, sunglasses | 1 comment »

9Five PErf 540x319 9FIVE | Perf Modelo
9FIVE continues their sneaker-inspired trend with the release of two limited edition Modelo’s. The Varsity Red and Royal Blue frames echo the colors of Air Jordan 1’s and included perforated leather wrapping and shoebox packaging. Both frames drop January 31st here. Check out more looks after the jump.

9five perf modelo 003 540x360 9FIVE | Perf Modelo

9five perf modelo 002 540x360 9FIVE | Perf Modelo

9five perf modelo 005 540x360 9FIVE | Perf Modelo

9Five perf modelo 009 540x360 9FIVE | Perf Modelo

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