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Arnette x Bad Brains

06 February 2013, 11.58 | Posted in Music, collabs, goggles, snowboarding | 2 comments »

arnette bad 1 540x405 Arnette x Bad Brains
A couple weeks ago the New York Times ran an article entitled “Has Snowboarding Lost it’s Edge?” which despite the corny headline, made some good points about the decline in the sport’s overall steez thanks to aging and skiers biting everything that made snowboarding rad. With this in mind we are stoked to see Arnette fighting the good fight with a rad Bad Brains collabo goggle for next season. Let’s just hope the plankers don’t get ahold of it. Sneak another peek after the jump.

arnette bad 2 540x309 Arnette x Bad Brains

arnette bad 3 540x405 Arnette x Bad Brains

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