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Vans 2014 Infuse

13 February 2013, 15.03 | Posted in boots, snowboarding | 1 comment »

vans infuse 5 540x400 Vans 2014 Infuse
Vans Snow got a huge lift to their program with the addition of New Hampshire ripper Pat Moore to the team. In return Pat got some serious lift to his pop by stepping into next season’s Infuse boot. The buttery leather exterior hides a tech’d out liner and a hybrid Boa system perfect for cinching up prior to dropping the kind of hammers Pat is known for. The Infuse will hit Vans accounts in late summer. Check out some more looks after the jump.

vans infuse 4 540x405 Vans 2014 Infuse

vans infuse 3 540x405 Vans 2014 Infuse

vans infuse 2 540x405 Vans 2014 Infuse

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