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Karim “Hard Hitta” Mayfield for FTC

21 February 2013, 15.40 | Posted in apparel, Skateboarding | 5 comments »

DSC 8793 copy Karim Hard Hitta Mayfield for FTC
As part of their spring 2013 catalog, FTC have enlisted fellow San Franciscan (is that what people from San Francisco are called?) and boxer Karim “Hard Hitta” Mayfield to show that skateboarding isn’t the only activity that FTC apparel works for. Check out some more images and a video after the jump.

DSC 9518 copy Karim Hard Hitta Mayfield for FTC

DSC 9260 copy Karim Hard Hitta Mayfield for FTC

DSC 8753 copy Karim Hard Hitta Mayfield for FTC

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