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5boro Bodega Series

25 February 2013, 18.56 | Posted in Skateboarding, decks | 2 comments »

index 7 540x359 5boro Bodega Series
Any New Yorker will appreciate 5boro’s new Bodega series featuring staples found at any corner store in the five boroughs. To those of you that are unfamiliar the items are: Wonder Bread, Goya Beans, Campbell’s Soup, Olde English Malt Liquor, and shitty coffee. See each one again after the jump.

index 8 540x359 5boro Bodega Series

index 9 540x359 5boro Bodega Series

index 10 540x359 5boro Bodega Series

index 11 540x359 5boro Bodega Series

index 12 540x359 5boro Bodega Series

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