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etnies Wild Out Collection

19 March 2013, 12.23 | Posted in Skateboarding, t-shirts | 2 comments »

4130002645 020 F 002 1200x1080 300 RGB etnies Wild Out Collection
Remember we had those random Animal Tee’s a while back? Those were awesome. Now we have another batch but this time not from a brand that stocks truck stops and convenience stores but from etnies, a bona fide skate brand. We’ll take one of each please. The king of the jungle is above, meet the others after the jump.

4130002645 332 F 003 1192x1104 300 RGB etnies Wild Out Collection

4130002645 636 F 001 1200x1056 300 RGB etnies Wild Out Collection

4130002645 843 F 004 1184x1136 300 RGB etnies Wild Out Collection

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