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Thomas Campbell for Element

05 April 2013, 12.24 | Posted in Skateboarding, apparel, artist collaboration | 1 comment »

L7WQHTtg2XYouIYBV qacL1BPN l0sUjEr7xIB3enk0 540x360 Thomas Campbell for Element
Element has just dropped a four piece mini collection with Thomas Campbell. The “Bow Tie” capsule collection uses an original pattern taken from Campbell’s past folk art projects and flips them onto two t-shirts, some boardies, and a cruiser complete. See them all plus a lil video after the jump.

lURxe5YNbgSDnVW4WfmLjJNv7KHclAlgj5UPgzZvcNQ 540x489 Thomas Campbell for Element

 Thomas Campbell for Element

 Thomas Campbell for Element

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