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Akomplice Cut & Sew

07 May 2013, 14.18 | Posted in apparel | 1 comment »

TwillJackets 540x404 Akomplice Cut & Sew
Akomplice continues their upward expansion with the release of their Spring 2013 Cut & Sew collection. From several dope jackets, to denim to bucket hats to the ever popular contrast pocket tee, the line has everything the contemporary man needs to pursue a life of leisure. Hit the jump for full looks and hit Akomplice dealers starting May 9th to purchase.

CrissBucketHat 540x425 Akomplice Cut & Sew

CrissCross Pocket 540x477 Akomplice Cut & Sew

Flamingo Pocket 540x485 Akomplice Cut & Sew

BaseballJacket 457x540 Akomplice Cut & Sew

BaseballJacket2 451x540 Akomplice Cut & Sew

CharcoalWash 300x540 Akomplice Cut & Sew

ChambryAnorak 473x540 Akomplice Cut & Sew

TwillJacket 520x540 Akomplice Cut & Sew

The impending Akomplice cut & sew collection boasts a complete line of t-shirts, jackets, hats and denim that are clean and simple, yet uniquely Akomplice. The inspiration for the line was fueled by infusing classic pieces with innovative material choices. A good example of this is the Anorak, which is made of Chambray. For their t-shirt update, Akomplice has taken a playful approach on the traditional pocket tee and laced it with red contrasting seersucker, neon punches of orange and green, and the coupe de grace is the flamingo pocket tee, which is becoming a type of mascot for the brand. Also apparent in the cut & sew drop from Akomplice is the resurgence of the bucket hat. Following a reign of supremacy during the early 90s, the bucket is back, and the Akomplice offering includes a red seersucker iteration. Also on display is the nuanced leather detailing, which adorns a selection of twill jackets. To complete the collection, Akomplice has also included a pair of charcoal washed denim jeans with contrast stitched back pockets. The refined offering is available worldwide and will hit the Akomplice webstore( Sunday, May 12th. Also for any that don’t know Akomplice will be dropping this set of 5 Panels(
5 Panel Link

this Thursday the 9th.

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