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Quintin Paradise Pack

04 June 2013, 16.44 | Posted in apparel, hats | 1 comment »

MG 9701 Quintin Paradise Pack
No matter where you go, you’ll be in the South Pacific with Quintin’s new Paradise Pack. Consisting of Campers, Snapbacks, their all new Bucket Hats, as well as wallets and a pocket tank, wearing the Paradise Pack officially gives you an excuse to walk into any place with a Mai Tai like what?! See the full collection after the jump.

MG 9665 Quintin Paradise Pack

MG 9675 Quintin Paradise Pack

MG 9715 Quintin Paradise Pack

MG 9753 Quintin Paradise Pack

MG 9778 Quintin Paradise Pack

MG 9797 Quintin Paradise Pack

MG 9750 Quintin Paradise Pack

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