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Quiet Life x Cleon Peterson

12 July 2013, 10.56 | Posted in apparel, artist collaboration | 1 comment »

cleon news 01 540x360 Quiet Life x Cleon Peterson
With a name like Cleon Peterson, we were expecting Quiet Life’s latest collaborator to be British, we’re not quite sure really, it just sounds like a British name. In fact, however, Cleon Peterson is from LA and his new collection for QL includes 5 panel hats, bucket hats, pocket Ts, printed Ts and several pieces of Fleece, all of which are limited to 100 pieces in each color way. Peep more of Cleon’s rad artwork here and go here to get the collection. More looks after the jump.

QL cleon product 06 540x540 Quiet Life x Cleon Peterson

cleon news 04 540x412 Quiet Life x Cleon Peterson

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