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LifeProof Nüüd Phone Protector

19 July 2013, 10.19 | Posted in electronics, phones | No comments »

These days broken phones are a constant hazard. Ask most any dedicated shredder to pull out their phone and chances are its got a smashed screen or worse. To specifically address the risk of phone damage in action sports, LifeProof has released the Nüüd phone protector for iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII. Besides a fancy looking name, the Nüüd features patent-pending Screenless Technology that uses a compression lock system to form a waterproof seal between the case and the device touchscreen, giving you seamless protection from water, sand, snow, dirt or anything else that might ruin your phone. Super thin and light, the Nüüd also features an anti-reflective optical glass camera lens, so you don’t have to open the case to use the flash, a persistent problem with other protectors. Get one here and hit the jump for more looks and a video. Also available for iPad.

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