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06 August 2013, 16.47 | Posted in Sneakers | 2 comments »

huf hr1 boot 03 630x420 540x360 HUF HR 1
Always a brand to keep shit moving, Huf has jumped into a new category of footwear with their runner/boot hybrid, the HR-1. Whether the name means “Huf Runner 1″ or is a tribute to Bad Brains’ frontman or both, we just don’t know. Check out two more colorways after the jump.

9448599431 ba18de6354 o 540x323 HUF HR 1

huf hr1 boot 02 630x420 540x360 HUF HR 1

9448599329 561e2bc1bd o 540x323 HUF HR 1

huf hr1 boot 01 630x420 540x360 HUF HR 1

9451385026 40db6d1e87 o 540x323 HUF HR 1

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