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Nixon 48-20 Chrono P

28 August 2013, 13.44 | Posted in Watches | 1 comment »

A278 1089 view4 Nixon 48 20 Chrono P
Another day another Nixon. Right on the heels of the flashy gold and molasses 42-20 comes the much more chill as well as functional 48-20 Chrono P. Available in three colors, silver/black, gunmetal/black and surplus/black (above), its 200 metre’s of water resistance are particularly suited for any upcoming deep sea exploration you may be planning. Get one here. More looks after the jump.

A278 1089 view1 Nixon 48 20 Chrono P

A278 1089 view2 Nixon 48 20 Chrono P

A278 1089 view3 Nixon 48 20 Chrono P

A278 1426 view1 Nixon 48 20 Chrono P

A278 1227 view1 Nixon 48 20 Chrono P

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1 comment
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