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29 August 2013, 10.02 | Posted in sports | 1 comment »

DEUCEDOLLAR1 #DeuceDollars
In a rad example of guerrilla marketing more on par with skate or snow seeping into the world of professional team sports, NYC creative agency and soccer fanatics, NowhereFC released 999 actual two dollar bills ($2000 worth) in Seattle for Clint Dempsey’s first game as a Sounder. The move was so successful that it became the centerpiece in Sports Illustrated’s story about Dempsey’s return. Check out some more looks at the #DeuceDollars after the jump.

IMG 2334 #DeuceDollars

IMG 2280 #DeuceDollars

IMG 2282 #DeuceDollars

IMG 2276 #DeuceDollars

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