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Otterbox Commuter Series

09 October 2013, 14.50 | Posted in Accessories, phones | 1 comment »

apl4 wallet 20 4 Otterbox Commuter Series
There are a lot of phone cases out there that look pretty rad but not many that actually protect your phone or do anything else useful. That’s why we’re feeling the new Commuter series from Otterbox. Literally perfect for a day of skating, the Commuter series lets you ditch your wallet and keep your license, money, and credit cards in a secure drawer while the multi-layered case itself gives your phone complete protection during bails. Check out more looks and a video after the jump or go here to purchase direct.

apl4 wallet 20 3 Otterbox Commuter Series

apl4 wallet 20 2 Otterbox Commuter Series

apl4 wallet 20 1 Otterbox Commuter Series

apl4 wallet 20 Otterbox Commuter Series

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