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Electric | Watches

24 October 2013, 12.18 | Posted in Watches | 1 comment »

Electric, long known as a sunglass and goggle brand, just made the interesting dive into the watch category. With several endemic brands dominating most of the action sports market, its got to be a risky move but given the look of the first offerings it seems like they’re off to a solid start. Go here for more info and hit the jump for individual looks.

EW003001 0001 F2 540x325 Electric | Watches

EW003003 0001 F2 540x325 Electric | Watches

EW003002 0001 F2 540x325 Electric | Watches

EW002001 0001 F2 540x325 Electric | Watches

EW002003 0001 F2 540x325 Electric | Watches

EW001001 0001 F 540x325 Electric | Watches

EW001002 0001 F3 540x325 Electric | Watches

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