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Vans x DQM | Herringbone Twill Collection

04 November 2013, 11.20 | Posted in Sneakers, special editions | 5 comments »

DQM has just released the lookbook for their rad Holiday 2014 collabo collection with Vans. The simple beauty of the shoes speaks for itself but DQM’s description includes some fancy language that is actually pretty fun to read: “The DQM/Vans footwear collaboration takes design cues from the WWII HBT and gives them a twist. Using a unique enzyme process created specifically for this project, we wanted to make a subtle camo using the highs and lows that the enzyme process created. The reference for the colors are Jungle, Desert and Ocean. The eyelets have a saltwater patina finish and the shoes utilize a syped bottomplate, as a nod to Vans’ nautical past, and for the functionality of the tread on wet surfaces.” The Collection will only be available at DQM General in NYC and Boston and online. See the full lookbook shot in the Rockaways by Gerhard Stochl after the jump.

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