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Supra Skytop IV

21 November 2013, 18.41 | Posted in Skateboarding, Sneakers | 3 comments »

SKYTOPIV BLK HERO 1800x1200 Supra Skytop IV
On Black Friday Supra is set to release the Skytop IV, the latest iteration of the Chad Muska inspired sneaker that literally changed the template for skate shoes. Debuting in a clean black waxed suede and red colorway, the IV’s have a nice slightly more chill look than previous Skytops, at least until you put the “shroud” on it and then it looks like one of those horrible Spectre Chimera’s, so we don’t recommend doing that. Full looks after the jump.

SKYTOPIV BLK TPR 1800x1200 Supra Skytop IV

SKYTOPIV BLK HEELPULL 1800x1200 Supra Skytop IV


SKYTOPIV BLK SHROUD HERO 1800x1200 Supra Skytop IV

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  1. [...] the rest of Supra Skytop IV (1 [...]

  2. Look Like Yeezys. Supra stay ripping off NIKE but I’m with it. The shoes are great to skate in.

  3. [...] we weren’t blown away by Supra’s last big release, the Skytop IV, we gotta give it to them for following strong with the Hammer Snake. Even though you’d think [...]

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