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Supra | Hammer Snake

03 December 2013, 09.29 | Posted in Skateboarding, Sneakers | 2 comments »

snake hero Supra | Hammer Snake
While we weren’t blown away by Supra’s last big release, the Skytop IV, we gotta give it to them for following strong with the Hammer Snake. Even though you’d think trying to make a faux snakeskin skate shoe could end up being a disaster, Supra nailed it with this simple yet ultra detailed remake of Greco’s signature kick. Look for them only at Supra’s 250 Crown Coalition retailers. Full detailed looks after the jump.

snake stack Supra | Hammer Snake

snake detail Supra | Hammer Snake

snake detail 2 Supra | Hammer Snake

snakes from above Supra | Hammer Snake

snake back Supra | Hammer Snake

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  1. […] up the dope Hammer Snake release comes another pair of kicks from Supra that we are feeling. The Wolf is a shoe/boot hybrid […]

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