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Chocolate | Chunk Cities Apparel

06 December 2013, 12.52 | Posted in Skateboarding, apparel | 2 comments »

W26C Beanies Cities Grouped1 Chocolate | Chunk Cities Apparel
Chocolate has another dope apparel collection dropping this week with the Chunk Cites collection. Dedicated to Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Las Vegas, the Chunk Cities collection includes the Cities Crew eco fleece, Cities Snap Back, the Cities Pom Pom Fold Beanie, and Cities Socks. See them all after the jump.

W26C HW Cities NY Beanie Chocolate | Chunk Cities Apparel

W26C Hats Chunk Cities 540x139 Chocolate | Chunk Cities Apparel

W26C Fleece Cities Crews Grpd Chocolate | Chunk Cities Apparel

W26C Fleece Cities Crew EcoHthrNvy Chocolate | Chunk Cities Apparel

W26C Acces Cities Socks Grpd Chocolate | Chunk Cities Apparel

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