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Let’s All Move to Colorado!

01 January 2014, 15.42 | Posted in weed | 4 comments »

We seriously can’t believe this but from the looks at this video of the first dude ever buying recreational bud in Denver that WEED IS LEGAL! Seriously, not to get too hyped but CO has the best shredding in the US, Denver has 300 sunny days a year and there are skateparks and sick nature everywhere, why the fuck are we not all moving to Colorado?! 2014 is off to a damn good start, who’s with us?

Welcome to Colorado Marijuana Green Rush 750x471 540x339 Lets All Move to Colorado!

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  1. [...] the rest of Let’s All Move to Colorado! (0 [...]

  2. torontoboy:

    smoking drugs is for losers, period.

  3. [...] in Denver. There’s lots of reason we like Denver, the least of which is certainly not because weed is legal! Did that sentence even make sense? Anyway, while we were planning out our trip we came up on this [...]

  4. Don Lewis:

    Thanks for sharing your insight! I’ve been planning my move to Colorado for a few weeks now and am so excited for a fresh start in a new state. I already secured a well established Colorado moving company to help me with the transition to my new location. They’ve helped me tremendously! Here’s the link: if anyone needs assistance.

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