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Skullcandy x RealTree

17 January 2014, 13.36 | Posted in collabs, headphones, Skateboarding | 1 comment »

hjQISCUkXpZLNSo 5k1AXA5osNStOvQSeqN ZplhTXw Skullcandy x RealTree
We bet the people at RealTree never imagined how much money they would make off of shit that has nothing to do with hunting. The latest use of the world’s premier camouflage maker is a full range of Real Tree headphones with Skullcandy. Theotis is backing them, check out detailed looks at the Crusher, Hesh, Uprock and Ink’d all camo’d out after the jump.

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9fpZ9OzpugZm3i7wYYqB6xliu7YtpHbtWNV3855i0D4 Skullcandy x RealTree

mKIxw8PajwP2oWW9MjQBrqXf48N8jDCxrQH3emwMzDM Skullcandy x RealTree

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