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Rome | Spray Skiers

06 February 2014, 14.00 | Posted in hats, snowboarding | 3 comments »

rome spray skiers1 Rome | Spray Skiers
With so many of today’s kids putting down their differences and riding together in mixed packs of snowboarders and skiers, Rome thought they’d do their best to set the record straight with the “Spray Skiers” snap back and beanie. Yes, the hats are a reminder that snowboarders are not supposed to be down with skiers and should at the very least hit em with a pow slash if ever given the chance. We second the motion. Hit the jump to see the rest.

rome sprayskiers2 Rome | Spray Skiers

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  2. Whatttttupppp!!! Sick hattttt I have a couple shirts and would love to purchase a SnapBack and beanie from you if that’d be cool!! Are u willing to sell 1 beanie and one SnapBack to me!? I can send you a secure PayPal payment! Lemme know ASAP!!! Thanks!

  3. Madera county sheriff…

    Rome | Spray Skiers |…

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