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Vans Syndicate | AVE/Dill “S” Pack

06 February 2014, 13.37 | Posted in Skateboarding, Sneakers, special editions | 1 comment »

Syndicate AveDill Group Vans Syndicate | AVE/Dill S Pack
For their latest release, Vans Syndicate brought together Anthony Van Engelen and Jason Dill for a two pack edition of the AV Classic. Dill got the low while AVE got the high, both are sick as hell. Check out more looks after the jump.

Syndicate AvClassicHighs SpiderWedBlackVA D1 Vans Syndicate | AVE/Dill S Pack

Syndicate AvNativeAmericanHighs SpiderWedBlackVA D3 Vans Syndicate | AVE/Dill S Pack

Syndicate Av Classic DillSpiderWeb1 Vans Syndicate | AVE/Dill S Pack

Syndicate AvClassicDillSpiderWeb2 Vans Syndicate | AVE/Dill S Pack

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  1. [...] the rest of Vans Syndicate | AVE/Dill “S” Pack (0 [...]

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