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adidas | Skate Copa Deck Series

23 April 2014, 12.01 | Posted in Skateboarding, decks | 1 comment »

gonzadi deck adidas | Skate Copa Deck Series
You’ve seen the jerseys and the kicks, now take a look at the collaborative deck series adidas has released for the World Cup. The Gonz’s Krooked x adidas edition is above, hit the jump to see Lem Villemin and Lucas Puig’s Cliche decks, Benny Fairfax’s Palace deck, Rodrigo TX’s DGK deck and Raul Navarro’s Western Edition after the jump.

image001 1 adidas | Skate Copa Deck Series

image009 1 adidas | Skate Copa Deck Series

image007 1 adidas | Skate Copa Deck Series

image011 adidas | Skate Copa Deck Series

image005 1 adidas | Skate Copa Deck Series

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  1. [...] the new and unexpected collections and collaborations that I enjoy the most. adidas’ Skate Copa presents a capsule of national decks for their team riders featuring classic and clean graphics. [...]

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