Solid group of dudes, awesome team, awesome video of Coalatree team in Puerto ...
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Michael Cohen
My buddy Evan Dennis did this dope short film a few years ago's for N.Y. ...
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TheGoodLife! x Medtainer

21 April 2014, 14.09 | Posted in Accessories, weed | 40 comments »

If you’re wondering what to do with all the leftover bud from yesterday’s 4/20 celebrations, we’ve got the perfect solution. TheGoodLife! x Medtainer medical grade container/grinder keeps even the stinkiest bud from smelling up your pocket and delivers the perfect grind every time. This is honestly the first container product that has passed our “Sour Diesel on the Subway” test meaning you can safely carry even if you’re not lucky enough to live in a fully decriminalized state. Get one exclusively at WeAreTheGoodLife.

TheGoodLife! Hooligan Scarf

27 January 2014, 13.15 | Posted in Accessories, snowboarding | 1 comment »

TGL SCARVES 540x308 TheGoodLife! Hooligan Scarf
At this weekend’s X Games, the hottest item on the hill was the new Hooligan Scarf from Brooklyn based brand TheGoodLife! Danny Davis, Louie Vito, Halldor Helgason, Mason Aguirre, Elena Hight, Gabi Viteri, and Jamie Anderson were amongst the pros who got one at TheGoodLife! x Sailor Jerry Hideout, only 100 scarves are available for purchase here.


Bens Focus Honey Pot Pin

31 December 2013, 12.35 | Posted in Accessories, Art | 1 comment »

bens focus pin Bens Focus Honey Pot Pin
We’ve been a fan of Portland based illustrator Bens Focus since encountering him on Instagram this past summer. His latest work is a penny sized hat pin of a Honey Pot in his distinctive style that’s dopeness needs no more description. Get one here and keep supporting independent artists in 2014!


Grenco Science x Snoop Dogg | G Pen Deluxe Kit

23 October 2013, 15.31 | Posted in Accessories, weed | 4 comments »

Snoop Dogg Herbal Vaporizer Grenco Science x Snoop Dogg | G Pen Deluxe Kit
Leave it to tha Dogfather to come out with the dopest G Pen collabo yet. The “Double G” collection comes with three vapes, the microG, the Slim, and the G Pen Herbal Vaporizer, the first one that doesn’t need oil or shatter to use. Yup now you can vaporizer the good ol fashioned Chronic. Ask you local shop or go here to get one. Detailed looks after the jump.

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Grenco Science x Claw Money | microG for Breast Cancer

16 October 2013, 12.30 | Posted in Accessories, artist collaboration, vaporizers | 1 comment »

Claw SocialBanner 1 540x403 Grenco Science x Claw Money | microG for Breast Cancer
Speaking of rad ways companies have dialed up their support for Breast Cancer awareness, treatment, and cure, our favorite personal vaporizer brand Grenco Science has joined forces with legendary artist Claw Money for an exclusive microG for the cause. Featuring a customized microG, “Claw” case and tool set, its the perfect way to self medicate while helping others. See the individual parts of the kit after the jump and go here to buy.

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Otterbox Commuter Series

09 October 2013, 14.50 | Posted in Accessories, phones | 1 comment »

apl4 wallet 20 4 Otterbox Commuter Series
There are a lot of phone cases out there that look pretty rad but not many that actually protect your phone or do anything else useful. That’s why we’re feeling the new Commuter series from Otterbox. Literally perfect for a day of skating, the Commuter series lets you ditch your wallet and keep your license, money, and credit cards in a secure drawer while the multi-layered case itself gives your phone complete protection during bails. Check out more looks and a video after the jump or go here to purchase direct.

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Nixon Luxe Heritage Collection

03 October 2013, 09.25 | Posted in Accessories, Watches, apparel | 1 comment »

13 3 LUXE MENS COLLECTION 940x420 540x241 Nixon Luxe Heritage Collection
Get your camp swag on with a piece from the new Luxe Heritage collection from Nixon. With a mix of black, brown leathers, and navy, these are perfect for a trip up the Maine coast for an early fall lobster boil, can’t you just picture it? Includes three new styles, the Magnacon, October, and the Diplomat, check out some individual looks after the jump.

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Nike Snowboarding x SUPERKOLDIE

27 August 2013, 10.07 | Posted in Accessories, beer, snowboarding | No comments »

We introduced you to our favorite new frosty brew enhancing brand SUPERKOLDIE a few weeks back. While we already back them for the great work they do in keeping our favorite bevvy cold, we are even more stoked on them after seeing their collabo coozy with Nike Snowboarding for Never Not. You’re gonna have to be crafty to get a hold of one of these. Check some more looks after the jump.

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Poler x Girl 20th Anniversary Tent

21 August 2013, 14.58 | Posted in Accessories, Skateboarding, camping | 1 comment »

POLER GIRL 3 540x380 Poler x Girl 20th Anniversary Tent
So back to what we were saying about Poler, they are unstoppable. You may have seen Rick McCrank camping flicks on Instagram, now we bring you a closer look at the Poler x Girl Tent. Available in 1 and 2 “man” sizes and featuring a dope leaf camo and blaze orange Poler and Girl branding, it’s pretty close to the raddest tent we’ve ever seen. Get one here. More looks after the jump.

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Quintin | Great Outdoors Pack

02 August 2013, 14.47 | Posted in Accessories, hats | 2 comments »

Great Outdoors 5 Quintin | Great Outdoors Pack
Quintin’s got camping on the brain with their latest special release pack, “The Great Outdoors.” Consisting of a 5 panel camper, bucket, and hybrid hat plus a wallet, koozie and a ceramic camping mug, its all you need to go off the grid for a while minus the vehicle, tent, case of beer and a hottie. You’ll just have to take care of that other stuff. See more after the jump.

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