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Dogtown x Branch Dist Curated by Jim Muir

24 December 2014, 10.33 | Posted in Art, decks, Skateboarding | 2 comments »

This is so sick. Branch Distribution, in association with Element Skateboards has linked with skate pioneer and Dogtown founder Jim “Red Dog” Muir for both a hand painted pro model as well as limited edition decks for John Cardiel and Scott Oster with artwork by Ric Clayton aka RxCx. They don’t make em like this anymore! Hit the jump for looks at all the decks.

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SABIO x Written in Stone

04 November 2014, 10.58 | Posted in Art, films | 1 comment »

Radcollector - Sabio_roof
Brazilian filmmaker Carlos Baptista has been following the graffiti and street art scenes in Rio, NYC, and LA for the last several years and has now collaborated with prolific artist SABIO on “Written in Stone” an original feature short about the urban graff hustle. The still in development project has the support of KRINK and Sky High Murals and is currently crowd funding via IndieGogo. To get involved go here and hit the jump for the filmmaker’s pitch.

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Taylor Swift RIP Mural by Chico

31 October 2014, 13.34 | Posted in Art, craze | No comments »

We bugged out when we saw Taylor Swift’s horribly corny and disingenuous NYC Tourism videos earlier in the week but we kinda just wanted to ignore them and hope they went away. Props to the Lower East Side shop Le Petite Mort for giving Chico some space to paint what we are all thinking: “Taylor Swift fuck outta heah!” Via BoweryBoogie

Neckface x Poster Child Prints

26 August 2014, 13.03 | Posted in Art | No comments »

People try to hate on Neckface, saying he went all Hollywood and shit but we don’t cause his shit is dope. Take his latest two piece collection for Poster Child Prints for example, all you need to hear is the titles and you know this is no common tagger shit. “Are You A Beer???” and “Chase You???” are available now and come signed, numbered, and embossed with a certificate of authenticity from PCP. Hit the jump to see both pieces up close.

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Quintin | My Name is: Slick

03 July 2014, 16.40 | Posted in Art | No comments »

For Quintin’s latest mini doc on influential people in the worlds of art, skateboarding and more they turn the lens on OG Slick. The hard working artist is the creator of DISSIZIT was also the man behind work at Third Rail and Fuct and certainly deserves to have his story told. Enjoy.

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dose | The Golden Skateboard

21 May 2014, 15.15 | Posted in Art, Skateboarding | 10 comments »

We brought you the exclusive first look at Matt Willet’s Golden Skateboard back in March now Timbo and the dose crew have the exclusive behind the scenes on how the board was made. From NASA technology to old fashioned Alchemy its some radly fascinating shit. If you’ve got 15 grand to burn go here to purchase.

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Back Against the Wall | Graffiti x Carpet Art Show

22 April 2014, 09.53 | Posted in Art | No comments »

This is pretty rad. Tomorrow night high end NYC carpet dealer Carini Lang Carpets is hosting an art show featuring the works of well known street artists work transposed onto woven Tibetan carpets. Back Against the Wall includes the work of artists COST, PIXOTE, ELLE, BEN EINE, ENX, JIM JOE, READER, and more. COST’s piece is above, hit the jump for more work. The show opens at 6pm at 335 Greenwich Street.

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The Golden Skateboard

31 March 2014, 09.02 | Posted in Art, completes, Skateboarding | 2 comments »

Skateboards have been used for art in nearly every form and fashion over the past 50 years, now NYC based skateboarder and artist Matthew Willet has elevated skateboard art to a whole new level. May we present: The Golden Skateboard. A 100% Hard Rock Maple SHUT deck electro plated with 99.999% gold, this masterpiece features full functional components and is polished to a mirror finish. With only 6 in existence priced at $15,000, it’s the perfect opportunity for a qualified collector (or Lil Wayne) to demonstrate their true love for skateboarding. For purchase info go here and hit the jump for detailed looks.

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City as Canvas

11 February 2014, 07.54 | Posted in Art, exhibitions | 1 comment »

If you’re going to be in NYC anytime from now until August 24th make sure you schedule some time to go see City as Canvas: Graffiti Art from the Martin Wong Collection at the Museum of the City of New York. A comprehensive retrospective about the days when graff writers ruled the city, the exhibit features work by Keith Haring, Lee Quiñones, LADY PINK, and FUTURA 2000 as compiled by the late collector Martin Wong. NYC was so vastly different in those days you’ll barely believe it.

Nitro x Sullen Art Collective

04 February 2014, 14.01 | Posted in Art, collabs, snowboarding | No comments »

Continuing their celebration of Los Angeles art, Nitro has teamed up with Sullen Art Collective for a deck series for 2014/2015. Whereas this season’s Estevan Oriol collab focused on photography, the Sullen series focuses on traditional LA tattoo art themes. We spotted it at SIA but it won’t hit stores until late next summer.